Keywords: pourer, jug, pitcher, kettle, teapot, pour

Sign Definition

General Definition

  1. The action of holding onto something, especially something with a handle, and turning it to one side so that its contents flow out, or any thing or any action directly or indirectly associated with this, especially a kettle or teapot.

As a Noun

  1. A container with a handle that is used for holding liquids or other substances before you pour the contents into other containers or over other surfaces. English = pourer, jug, pitcher.
  2. A covered round container that you use for boiling water. It has a handle on top and a spout for pouring. English = kettle.
  3. A container with a lid, a handle, and a spout for pouring. You use it for making and serving tea. English = teapot.

As a Verb or Adjective

  1. To make a liquid or other substance flow steadily out of a container by holding the container at an angle by the handle. English = pour.
  2. To pour hot water from a kettle.
  3. To pour tea from a teapot.