Keywords: age, old, aged, older

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The period of time during which a person is old. English = old age.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. Of a person or thing, to become old. English = age.
2. Of a person, to have lived for many years and to be no longer young. English = (be) old. Formal English = (be) aged.
3. Of a thing, to have existed for a long time and to be no longer new. English = (be) old.
4. When used as part of a comparison, this sign ("X") is preceded by the sign MORE or LESS and followed by the sign THAN, then the signs for the person or thing being compared ("Y"), e.g., MORE X THAN Y. In this construction the X sign is often given a repeated movement. English = (be) older.