Keywords: shine, shininess, reflection, chrome, chromium, reflect, dazzle, shimmer, dazzling, shimmering

Sign Definition

As a Noun

  1. The bright or glassy appearance of an object because light bounces off it into your eyes. English = shine, shininess.
  2. The process by which light is sent back or bounces off a surface, particularly when it produces a clear image of the observer or another object. English = reflection.
  3. A hard, shiny silver-colored metal. English = chrome, chromium.

As a Verb or Adjective

  1. To bounce off light from a surface. English = shine, reflect.
  2. To easily bounce off lots of light from a surface such that it is very bright. English = dazzle.
  3. To bounce off lots of light from a surface, usually uneven (like water), so that it is rapidly moving and bright. English = shimmer.
  4. To be very bright because of light bouncing off itself. English = (be) shiny, (be) reflective, (be) dazzling, (be) shimmering.