Keywords: do

Sign Definition

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To perform an action, activity, or task. Commonly found in the signed expression 'WHAT DO?' meaning 'What are you doing?' or 'What do you do (for a job)?' English = do.

As Modifier

1. As with the English auxiliary 'do', this sign is used to refer back to or substitute for a verb sign or signs. It is especially used in this way when the signer wishes to affirm an action which has been denied.
2. As with the English auxiliary 'do', this sign is used before a verb sign to emphasise it or to affirm it (especially where the negative has been previously implied).
3. As with the English auxiliary 'do', this sign can be used in forming a question.


1. Sometimes it is possible or desirable to sign in a very English-like way, e.g., signing the contents of a letter to a group of people in a meeting so they can all know what it says, word for word. The equivalent of the English word ‘do’, in all its meanings and functions, would be fingerspelled when doing this. Note that in everyday Auslan there is no simple direct equivalent of the English words ‘do’ and ‘did’.