Keywords: body parts (pointing to), pointing (to body parts)

Sign Definition

As a Pointing Sign

1. The video at this entry shows someone pointing to different parts of their body. Some of these body-parts have their own Auslan sign (and if you do a keyword search for them you will find a match).


1. Most body parts do not have special signs in Auslan and they are signed simply by pointing to them. However, some body parts both external (’eyebrows’) and internal (’heart’) have their own Auslan signs. You will find them by searching for the keyword. If a body part is inside you and has no sign, e.g. ‘liver’, then you can point to the general area where it is located, and then describe it (say what it does or show how it is shaped using depicting signs). You can also fingerspell the English word for it.
2. Pointing signs are used when the body part can be easily and appropriately pointed at, with due regard to the situation and the audience. For example, some sexual body parts should not be pointed to in polite/formal situations, in mixed groups, or in the presence of children. Some of them also have their own Auslan signs (and if you do a keyword search for the them you will find a match).
3. A few pointing signs to body parts are actually the Auslan sign for another, usually related, idea or thing, e.g., pointing to your chest means ‘I’ or ‘me’ and pointing to your ear means ‘hear’. When you do mean the actual body part you need to use the Auslan sign for it. You will know there is a sign if you do a keyword search for a body part and find a match which is not a pointing sign.