Keywords: area, place (location), locality, region, part, district, field, whereabouts, zone, thereabouts, approximate, roundabout, general, generally, among

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Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A particular bit of some space (such as a room, building, city, country, or the world). English = part, area, district, region, place, locality.
2. A particular subject or area of activity or interest. English = field.
3. The place where a person or thing is located or to be found. English = whereabouts.
4. An area of land or sea that has particular features or characteristics, as described. English = zone.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To be located in a general area or in a particular area of a place (if already mentioned). English = (be) thereabouts.
2. Of a location, number or quantity , to be close to the truth but not exactly. English = (be) approximate, (be) roundabout, (be) general.
3. In a mathematical context, to estimate or calculate a quantity fairly accurately, but not exactly. English = approximate.
4. Of a person or thing, to be in an area where there are other persons or things around them. English = (be) among.

As Modifier

1. Used to introduce a statement that involves only the main features of something and not its details. English = generally.


1. Many modifiers of space and location, such as ‘among’, need not be expressed by a separate sign in Auslan. Often you only need to locate people and things in the signing space to show their spatial relationship to each other.