Keywords: assessment, disdain, assess, ogle, scorn

Sign Definition

General Definition

1. The action of one person looking at another or at a relatively tall and thin object, or any action or thing directly or indirectly associated with this.

As a Noun

1. A judgement made about the quality of a student and their work. English = assessment.
2. [With a negative facial expression] a feeling of dislike for someone because you think they are of little value or importance. English = disdain.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To look at someone, or to look someone up and down, often in order to make a judgement about them. Idiomatic English = size someone up.
2. To consider a student and their work in order to make a judgement about the quality of their work. English = assess.
3. To stare at someone, especially in a way that indicates a sexual interest. Used showing disapproval. English = ogle. Informal English = perve, have a perve, gawk at.
4. [With a negative facial expression] to look at someone as if you think that they have very little value or importance; to look at someone with a feeling of dislike and rejection. English = scorn, disdain. Idiomatic English = look down your nose at someone.