Keywords: base, foundation, establishment, claim (stake), stake, establish, found (establish), format

Sign Definition

Definition in Auslan

As a Noun

1. The creating or starting of a new building or organisation. English = foundation, establishment.
2. A position or thing from which something can be developed or achieved; the main place from which you work; or the place from which the main part of an army is from. English = base, camp.
3. The action or statement by which you say you have a right to something or interest in something. English = claim, stake.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To start or create a new building or organisation; or to prepare a computer disk for use. English = establish, found, set up; format.
2. To be located at a place from which you go out to work or from which you do and develop things. English = (be) based at.
3. To make it known, through action or words, that you believe you have a right to do or own something or that you have an interest in it. English = claim, stake.


1. Used alone to express your claim to something, or to express your success at getting or finding something. English = 'Eureka!'