Keywords: card, ticket, receipt, sales docket, licence, permit

Sign Definition

General Definition

1. The action of outlining something which is rectangular, or any thing or any action which is directly or indirectly associated with this, especially a ticket, a card, or receipt.

As a Noun

1. A piece of stiff paper with a picture and a message printed on it, which you send to someone on a special occasion. English = card.
2. A large, official piece of paper or card which shows that you have paid for a major journey, such as on a plane, train or ship. English = ticket.
3. A piece of paper that you give or send to someone to confirm that you have received money or goods from them for the sale of a product or service to them. English = receipt, sales docket.
4. An official document which gives you permission to do, use, or own something. English = licence, permit.