Keywords: pick up (someone), catch (someone), score (romantically)

Sign Definition

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To meet and talk to someone, get to know them and then to finally succeed in establishing a romantic or sexual relationship with them. Idiomatic English = catch (get) your man (woman).
2. To succeed in getting the man (or woman) you have had a romantic or sexual interest in for some time.
3. To meet someone for the first time or casually, to talk to them in order to start a sexual relationship with them, and to succeed at it. Idiomatic English = pick up, score.

As Modifier

1. Used to mark a point in a narrative where the hero (or heroine) who has been pursuing or wooing someone they have a romantic or sexual interest in finally succeeds. English = 'and then he/she was his/hers'