Keywords: cook, cooking, mixture, stirring, mixing, whipping, whisking, stir, mix, beat (mix), whip (mix), whisk

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A person who prepares and cooks food. English = cook.
2. The activity of preparing and making food. English = cooking.
3. A combination of two or more substances that have been stirred or beaten together in a bowl. English = mixture.
4. The activity of combining two or more substances in a container using a spoon or similar implement. English = stirring, mixing, beating, whipping, whisking.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To prepare food for eating and then heating it, for example in an oven or in a saucepan. English = cook.
2. To combine two or more substances in a container, especially as a stage in preparing food, by moving a spoon or similar implement around and around in it. English = stir, mix.
3. [With increased speed and tension] to mix or stir together eggs, cream, or butter thoroughly and energetically using a fork or a whisk. English = beat, whip, whisk.