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Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A lowering in the number, level, or amount of something. English = reduction, decrease.
2. A decrease in the height of something; or a decrease in your wages or salary; a wage cut. English = fall, lowering; wage cut.
3. A decrease (through withdrawals and spending) in money you have put aside (usually in a bank or a building society) for another time when you may need it.
4. A decrease in the value of something over time. English = depreciation.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To become smaller in terms of the number, level, or amount of something; of a battery, to lose its charge or have no charge. English = decrease, reduce, lessen, go flat, (be) flat.
2. To move something so that it is in a lower position; to be in a lower position. English = lower; (be) lowered.
3. Of money put aside in a bank or building society, to decrease or become smaller; to decrease savings; to deplete money.
4. To decrease in value over time. English = depreciate.