Keywords: difference, distinction, different, unlike, differ, but, differentiation (mathematics), differentiate (mathematics)

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Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The way in which two thing are unlike each other. English = difference.
2. The thing that makes one thing different from another. English = distinction.
3. The process of finding a derivative in mathematics. English = differentiation.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. For one thing to be unlike another thing in some way. English = (be) different, (be) unlike; differ from.
2. In mathematics, transform a function into its derivative. English = differentiate.

As Modifier

1. Used to introduce a statement which contrasts with what you have just said. English = differently, but, yet, although.


1. Some deaf teachers and their students use two D handshapes from the one-handed alphabet in the sign DIFFERENT (as in one of the variants above) for the mathematical concepts of ‘differentiation' or 'differentiate' (see definitions above). However, in a mathematics and classroom context, the standard form of DIFFERENT can be used without the D handshakes for the mathematical concepts especially when there is mouthing of the words ‘differentiation’ or ‘differentiate’.