Keywords: wings, fly (flap wings), fly (insect), flap, winger (sport), bat (animal), angel, fairy

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Sign Definition

General Definition

1. The action of beating or flapping wings, or any real or imagined creature that is able to fly or, especially, the body parts with which they fly.

As a Noun

1. The two parts of the body of some animals, insects and birds that are used for flying. English = wings.
2. In football or hockey, an attacking player who plays mainly on the far left or the far right of the pitch. English = winger.
3. Spiritual being, often represented as humans with wings, that some people believe are God's messengers and servants in heaven. English = angel.
4. A small insect with two wings. English = fly.
5. A small flying animal that looks like a mouse with leathery wings and flys at night. English = bat. [Used this way mostly in the Northern Territory, especially in the area around Darwin. Most Auslan signers, however, would also need to fingerspell B-A-T alone or immediately after making this sign in order to be clear about their intended meaning.]

As a Verb or Adjective

1. Of animals, birds and insects, to travel through the air by using wings. English = fly, wing.
2. Of animals, birds and insects, to move wings up and down. English = flap.