Keywords: have, have got, have (exist)

Sign Definition

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To own, possess or hold something. English = have, have got.
2. To be part of you or very closely associated with you, e.g., family members and relationships. English = have, have got.
3. Used to introduce a topic of discussion or assert the existence or location of something, e.g., HAVE KANGAROOS AUSTRALIA (’There are kangaroos in Australia’, ‘Kangaroos exist in Australia’). English = be here, be there, exist, there’s.

As Modifier

1. Can be used as the English auxiliary in past tense forms, especially questions. For example, I HAVE ASK ("I have asked...") or HAVE YOU SEE ("Have you seen...").
2. Can be used as in English to form action compounds when combined with another nominal (noun) sign. For example, HAVE SHOWER ("to have a shower" = "to shower").