Keywords: here (plural), they (here), them (here), these

Sign Definition

General Definition

1. Used to refer to people or things which are near to, or closely associated with, the signer. Small close things can be easily pointed to in this way; however, people and large things first need to be visualised in a map-like space in which they are imagined to be located.

As a Pointing Sign

1. Used to refer to several locations that are near either the signer or the person addressed, i.e., ‘these places here’.
2. Used immediately before or after a noun sign to mean particular or special things or persons which have already been talked about in the conversation or which contrast with something else which as already been mentioned. English = these.
3. Used immediately before or after a verb sign, to mean that the referents do the action of the verb, or they are affected by the action of the verb. English = they, them.