Keywords: key, ignition, lock, lock up

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A specially shaped piece of metal which you place in a lock and turn in order to open or lock a door, a drawer, or a suitcase; a specially shaped piece of metal that you turn, for example to wind up a clock. English = key.
2. The part of a door, a drawer, or a suitcase which you use to keep it shut and to prevent other people from opening it. To open it, you must first put a key in it and turn it. English = lock.
3. The keyhole in the dashboard of a car in which you insert a key in order to start the engine. English = ignition.

Augmented Meaning

1. When this sign is repeated it is usually associated with a nominal (noun) meaning (i.e., the sign names an activity) like "locking" (e.g., "Locking all the doors and windows took ages."), or a thing like "a key". However, repetition alone does not make it a noun as it could also still be used as a verb to mean "to turn a key or lock again and again/over time" or "to lock habitually" (e.g., "He always locks the windows before going out.") Usually it is the other signs in the sentence and the context in which it is made that tells you if a sign is to be understood as a noun or a verb.