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Sign Definition

General Definition

1. The outline of a square or square-shaped object. It can be enlarged or reduced, raised or lowered, to depict any type of object which is square or rectangular, such as a picture, poster, notice, sign, chart, window, square, or rectangle.

As a Noun

1. A rectangular surface on which lines and shapes are drawn, painted, or printed that show a person, a thing, or scene. English = picture.
2. A rectangular surface on which words and pictures are drawn, painted, or printed to inform people about something. English = poster, notice, sign, chart.
3. A piece of paper with questions on it. You write the answers on the same piece of paper. English = form.
4. A sheet of paper, sometimes with pictures, that gives you information about a product or service. English = brochure, flyer, flier.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To be square or square shaped; to be rectangular.