Keywords: point (dot), dot, spot, full stop, period (full stop), decimal point, point (geometry)

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Sign Definition

General Definition

1. Indicate by pointing, or mark with your finger, a small defined thing or location somewhere in space or on a surface, or any thing or any action that can be associated with this in context.

As a Noun

1. A mark on a piece of paper or on a display screen (or any surface which can be drawn or written on) which is small, round and completely filled in. English = point, dot, spot.
2. A mark in writing that is small, round and completely filled in which marks the end of a sentence. English = full stop, stop, period.
3. A dot that separates the whole numbers from the fractions in the writing and signing of numbers and amounts of money (dollars from cents). English = decimal point, point.
4. In geometry, something having position but not spatial extent, magnitude, dimension, or direction, for example the intersection of two lines. English = point.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To make a point, dot, or spot as part of drawing.
2. To make a stop, full stop or period as part of writing to show the end of a sentence.