Keywords: postbox, letter box, bank, ATM (automatic teller machine), computer disk, post (letter)

Sign Definition

General Definition

1. The action of putting a flat object inside a narrow opening, such as a card in an ATM, a disk in a computer, or a bank-book through a slot to a bank teller, or any action or any thing directly or indirectly associated with this, especially posting.

As a Noun

1. A large metal container in the street into which you post letters. English = postbox.
2. A metal box at your front gate or a rectangular hole in your front door through which letters for you are delivered. English = letterbox.
3. A place where you keep your money in an account. English = bank.
4. A special banking machine found in public places in which you insert your personal card in order to make withdrawals, deposits and transfers. English = ATM (automatic teller machine).

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To send a letter or parcel to someone by putting it in a post-box or by taking it to a post office. English = post.
2. To put money into a bank account, usually by using a bank-book and a teller. English = bank.
3. To operate an ATM (automatic teller machine).