Keywords: push down, turn down, deteriorate, low

Sign Definition

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To press something downwards with your hand using force. English = push down.
2. To reduce the volume of noise being produced by something. English = turn down.
3. Of a person's mental capacities and skills, to become worse. English = deteriorate. Idiomatic English = go downhill.
4. Of a surface, to measure a small distance from the ground to it, or to be near the ground relative to something else; of a quantity, to be a small amount of something, to be almost empty. English = (be) low.


1. Used alone to urge people to sit down. English = 'Sit down!'
2. Used alone to tell an audience, class or crowd to quieten down. English = 'That's enough!', 'Quiet please!', 'Calm please!' and so on.