Keywords: stamp (mark), seal (mark), visa, sealed (closed with seal)

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A small block of wood, metal or plastic with a handle, which has a pattern or a group of letters on one side. You press it into an inky pad and then onto a piece of paper in order to produce a mark. English = stamp.
2. The mark left on a piece of paper by a stamp; an official mark left on a document to show that it is legal or genuine. English = stamp; seal.
3. A stamp, usually made in wax, that marks and closes a container or a letter that must be broken before it can be opened. English = seal.
4. An offical stamp which is put in your passport by the embassy or consulate of a country that you want to visit, and which allows you to enter or leave that country, or to travel through it. English = visa.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To use a stamp or seal on a piece of paper in order to mark it. English = stamp, seal.
2. To use a stamp in wax or some other substance in order to close a container or document. English = seal.
3. To be something which has a mark on it made by a stamp or a seal. English = (be) stamped, (be) marked, (be) sealed.