Keywords: teat, nipple, oral sex, fellatio, suckle, fellate

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. One of the pieces of flesh that stick out on the chest or stomach of a female animal and from which its babies suck milk. English = teat, nipple.
2. A piece of rubber or plastic that is shaped like a teat and is fitted to a bottle so that a baby can suck liquids from it. English = teat.
3. Sexual activity in which one partner orally stimulates the genitals of the other (male) partner. English = oral sex. Formal English = fellatio.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. Of a baby, to suck milk from its mother's breast or from a bottle fitted with a teat. English = suckle.
2. To orally stimulate the genitals of your (male) sexual partner. English = have oral sex. Formal English = fellate.