Keywords: group, class, unit, whole, team, party (political)

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A number of people or things which are together at one place at one time. English = group.
2. A set of people or things which have something in common. English = group, class.
3. A group of pupils or students who are taught together. English = class.
4. Something you can consider as a single, complete thing. English = unit, whole.
5. A group of people who work together at a specific job, often in a particular place. English = unit, team.
6. A poltical organization whose members have similar aims and beliefs, usually an organization that tries to get its members elected to the government of a country. English = party.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To make a number of things or people come together in one place or within one organisation. English = group.
2. To make something which is fragmented or broken into a single, complete thing. English = make whole.


1. This is the most common way to make this sign. Some of the other ways to make this sign are also given as matches for this meaning listed above.