Keywords: why-not, let's

Sign Definition


1. Used alone in response to someone else's suggestion to do something to mean that you agree and can see no reason why you should not do it. English = 'Why not?'

As Modifier

1. Used to introduce a suggestion to your partner to do something in a polite and friendly way. English = 'Why don't (you , we, etc.)..' 'Let's just do ....'
2. Used in 'self-talk' (signing to oneself or telling someone else what you thought) to express the sudden arrival of a desire to do something especially since you could think of no good reason why not to do it. English = "Why don't I....?" "Why shouldn't I...? "Let me just...."

As Question

1. Used to ask a question about the reason or cause of something not happening, especially when you expected someone to have done something. English = Why not? Why didn't....?