Keywords: addition, add, extra, additional, furthermore, additionally, in addition, else

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. Something which as been put in the same place as another thing; an extra amount of something. English = addition.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To put something in the same place as another thing. English = add.
2. To be a thing, person or amount which is added to others of the same kind, often when it is not really needed. English = (be) extra, (be) additional.


1. Used alone to encourage your addressee to add more details to their story. English = 'Continue!', 'Go on!', 'Tell me more!' etc.

As Modifier

1. Used to introduce a piece of information or an opinion that adds to or supports the previous one. English = furthermore, additionally, in addition.
2. Used immediately after a question sign (e.g., 'who' or 'what' or ‘where’) to ask the same question a second time, but this time about something, someone or somewhere different (e.g., 'Who else?’ or ‘Who in addition?’). English = else, in addition.