Keywords: around, about, rotate, mix, circulate, circuit, lap, roundabout (traffic)

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Sign Definition

General Definition

1. Of any two things (real or imaginary, abstract or concrete), for one thing to go around the other thing, or any thing or activity that can be directly or metaphorically associated with this in context.

As a Noun

1. The path or places around something.
2. A journey around a circular path or course. English = circuit, lap.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To be located around a central point. English = around.
2. To go around a central point.
3. To do a lap or circuit of a circular course.
4. Of an object, to turn around in a cirular path. English = rotate.
5. To do or say something in a way which is not the simplest or most direct way; to avoid the point or the issue. English = (be) roundabout. Idiomatic English = beat around the bush.