Keywords: strange, weird, odd, peculiar, bizarre, ba-ba

Sign Definition

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To be unusual or unexpected and likely to make you feel uneasy, afraid, or even amused. English = (be) strange, (be) weird, (be) odd, (be) peculiar.
2. To be very odd and strange. English = (be) bizarre.


1. Used alone to mean you think that what has just been said or what has just happened is bizarre, strange, unusual or peculiar. English = 'Well, I'll be ...'


1. A mouth pattern often made with this sign is the same as saying "ba-ba". Indeed, many Auslan signers think of "ba-ba" as the name of this sign. This is why "ba-ba" is listed as one of the keywords for this sign, even though that is not an English word.