Keywords: bankruptcy, bankrupt, failure, fail, loss, lose, recession

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The failure of a person or a business to pay their debts. English = bankruptcy.
2. A person who has failed in business and is unable to pay their debts. English = bankrupt.
3. A lack of success in doing or achieving something; a person who has not succeeded at something or anything. English = failure.
4. In business or finances, a situation in which you earn or makes less money than you spend on various activities. English = loss.
5. A period when the economy of a country is less successful, for example because industry is less productive and more people are becoming unemployed. English = recession.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. Of people or businesses, to not have enough money to pay for your debts. English = (be) bankrupt.
2. Of people or businesses, to fail financially and become unable to pay your debts. English = go bankrupt.
3. To not succeed at doing something you were trying to do. English = fail.
4. In business or finances, to earn or make less money from doing or selling something than it cost you to do it or buy it in the first place. English = lose.