Keywords: reduction, abbreviation, summary, short of, lack, shorten, reduce, abbreviate, summarise, brief, limited, briefly

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The process of making something smaller. English = reduction.
2. A short account of something, which gives the main points but not the details. English = summary.
3. A shortened form of a word or phrase, e.g., Dr for Doctor, cm for centimeter, PM for Prime Minister. English = abbreviation.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To not have enough of something, especially money, for a particular purpose. English = (be) short of, lack.
2. To make an object smaller or an event take less time, especially a word or a phrase shorter by leaving out some of the letters; to make a text shorter by leaving only the important things. English = shorten, reduce, abbreviate; summarise.
3. To last only a short time and/or to be very small in significance or extent. English = (be) brief, (be) limited.

As Modifier

1. Used at the beginning of a sentence to mean that you will be brief and only give the important points. English = briefly. Idiomatic English = to cut a long story short.