Keywords: bugger (bastard), bastard

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A person you dislike or have contempt for. Vulgar English = bugger, bastard.
2. A person who you pretend to dislike or be annoyed with (because they do naughty things or play tricks on you) but whom you are actually fond of and whose antics you enjoy. English = bugger, bastard.


1. Used alone to express anger, annoyance, or contempt with someone or something. A vulgar sign. Vulgar English = 'You bugger!', 'Bugger you!', 'Bugger that!', 'You bastard!'
2. Used alone as a way of pretending to be rude to someone as a joke, although you are actually fond of or friendly with them. English = 'You little bugger!', 'You old bastard!'