Keywords: don't know, no idea, dunno

Sign Definition


1. Used alone in response to a question to mean that you have absolutely no idea of what the correct answer is. English = 'I don't have a clue.', 'I wouldn't have the foggiest', 'Well?', and so on.
2. Used alone in response to an accusation that you have done something to mean that either you did not do it or that you did not do it and know nothing about it whatsoever. English = 'It's got nothing to do with me.'


1. The manual part of this sign (the hands placed in neutral space with the palms up) is a form of the ‘palms up’ sign found in this dictionary (it can be found by searching for ‘well’ as a keyword). This variant has a negative facial expression as well as shrugged shoulders and is identical to a gesture made with the same meaning as hearing people in Australia and in many other cultures. It is given its own separate entry here.