Keywords: lift, lift up, get up, stand up, cheer up, turn up (increase)

Sign Definition

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To move something to another position by pushing it or carrying it upwards. English = lift, lift up.
2. To stand up from a seating postion. English = stand up, get up.
3. To increase the volume of noise being produced by something. English = turn up.
4. To lighten in spirits; to become happy or less sad; to cheer up.


1. Used alone to urge people to get up from a sitting or reclining position. English = 'Get up!', 'All stand, please!'
2. Used alone to encourage an audience to show their appreciation by applauding or waving their hands in the air. English = 'Come on, let's hear it for so and so!', 'Please, put your hands together for so and so!' and so on.