Keywords: used to, familiar with, identical, familiarity, identity, draw (tie), tie (draw), deuce, dead heat, acclimatisation, habit

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Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The condition of two things being exactly alike in all respects. English = identity.
2. In a match or competition, an equal score between two people or two teams so that nobody wins. English = draw, tie; deuce (in tennis).
3. The result when two competitors in a race both cross the finishing line at exactly the same time. English = dead heat.
4. The knowing of something because you have experienced it before or because it is the same as many of your past experiences. English = familiarity. Formal English = acclimatisation, habituation.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To be or become exactly the same in all respects. English = (be) identical, become identical.
2. In a match or competition, for one person or team to get the same number of points as another and nobody wins. English = draw, tie.
3. In a race, for two competitors to cross the finishing line at exactly the same time. English = draw, tie.
4. To know or recognise something because you have seen, heard, or experienced it before many times; for an experience to be the same as your past experiences. English = (be) used to, (be) familiar with. Formal English = (be) acclimatised to.