Keywords: income, earnings, interest (earnings), wage (income), pay (income), salary, pension, earn

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Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The money that you earn or that you get from other sources such as investments or pensions. English = income, earnings, interest.
2. The money that is regularly paid to you for working, especially for manual or unskilled work. English = wage, pay.
3. The money that you are paid each month for your job, especially when you have a professional job. English = salary.
4. A sum of money paid to you by the state or a previous employer because you have retired or because you are widowed, disabled or sick. English = pension.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To earn a wage or salary
2. To be paid a pension.
3. To make or receive money through work or through other sources such as investments or pensions. English = earn.

Augmented Meaning

1. When this sign is repeated it is usually associated with a nominal (noun) meaning (i.e., the sign names an activity) like "earning" or a thing like "wages". However, repetition alone does not make the sign a noun as it could also still be used as a verb to mean "to earn again and again/over time" or "to earn habitually" (e.g., "He is earning more than his father.") Usually it is the other signs in the sentence and the context in which it is made that tells you if a sign is to be understood as a noun or a verb.