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Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A person considered separately from everyone else; or a person's basic personality and nature. English = individual; self.
2. A person who likes to do things in their own way; a person who likes to be alone. English = individualist; loner.
3. A person who is not married, a single person.
4. The state of being far away from or kept away from other people because you are sick or a trouble-maker. English = isolation.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To be only one and not more; to be on its own and separate from other things. English = (be) single, (be) lone, (be) alone, (be) unaccompanied.
2. Of a person to be separated or removed from other people because, for example, they are sick or a trouble maker. English = (be) isolated, (be) in isolation.
3. To relate to one single or particular person or to each person separately, rather than to a large group. English = (be) individual.
4. To exist, happen, or act separately from other people, groups, or things; (of countries), to be not ruled by other countries and to have their own government and laws. English = (be) independent.
5. To be not married. English = (be) single.

As Modifier

1. Used next to a verb sign to mean the action is done on its own and separately from other actions. English = singly, only, alone, by itself, independently.
2. Used next to a verb sign to mean the action is done by only one person separately from other people and without any help. English = by oneself, alone, individually, independently.
3. Used to introduce a sentence to mean that what follows is an expression of one's own opinion, not necessarily any one else's. English = personally, as for me, as far as I'm concerned, in my opinion, and so on.

Augmented Meaning

1. This sign can be moved around the signing space for third persons ('himself', 'herself', 'itself'), second persons ('yourself'), or close to or on the signer's chest for first person ('myself').