Keywords: laughter, mirth, humour, comedy, hilarity, laugh, cheerful, humorous, hilarious

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The sounds people make by which they show that they are happy or amused or the action of makings such sounds. English = laughter.
2. Amusement which you express by laughing. Literary English = mirth.
3. Something that is funny and makes you want to laugh; a style or type of theatre that is funny. English = humour; comedy.
4. [Especially with stress] great amusement and laughter. English = hilarity.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To make the sound by which people show that they are happy or amused. English = laugh.
2. To be happy and joyful and to show it in your behaviour. English = (be) cheerful.
3. To be funny and make you want to laugh; [especially with stress] to be extremely funny and to make you laugh a lot. English = (be) humorous; (be) hilarious.
4. [Especially with stress] to laugh very loudly and with great energy. Idiomatic English = roar with laughter, (be) in the aisles laughing.