Keywords: matter (not matter), never mind, anyway, however, despite

Sign Definition


1. Used to try to reassure your addressee when they are worried or concerned about something. English = 'Never mind', 'Don't worry', 'It's not important', and so on.
2. Used in response to your addressee's questions expressing concern for you when you want them to stop worrying or tell them everything is okay. English = 'It doesn't matter', 'No problems', 'Forget about it'

As Modifier

1. Used at the beginning or end of the first of two sign phrases to mean that what you say in the second phrase is surprising given the first phrase. English = despite, despite that.
2. Used between two sign sentences (or to introduce a sign sentence which is opposed to your partner's comments or to earlier one's you have made) to mean that what follows in the second or subsequent sentences is surprising. English = however, anyway.