Keywords: closeness, close, near, nearby, intimate, shorten, lessen, reduce

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The quality of a relationship with another person in which both people know each other very well and like each other. English = closeness.
2. A reduction in the size of something.
3. A reduction in the amount of time.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To be located a very small distance away from something or someone else. English = (be) close to, (be) near, (be) nearby.
2. To go or move towards a thing or a person so that there is very little distance between the two things or people. English = go close to, go near.
3. To be very familiar with someone because you like them very much and know them very well. English = (be) close, (be) intimate.
4. To make something become not as big in size; or in width; or in volume; or in intensity. English = make small, narrow, lessen, reduce, shorten.