Keywords: no way (reject), no, no thank you, not

Found 2 variants for this sign (click on video to enlarge):

Sign Definition


1. Used alone to refuse an offer. English = 'No!', 'No thanks!'
2. Used alone to mean that you think there is no possibility or likelihood of what is being discussed actually happening or being really true. English = 'No!', 'No, that's not right!', 'No way!', 'Absolutely not!'

As Modifier

1. Used (i) immediately next to a verb or adjective to negate it, i.e., to mean that the action does not happen, or that something does not have that quality, or (ii) used at the end of a question-like sentence as a kind of answer, i.e., it makes the whole sentence negative. For example ME FRIGHTENED SPIDERS? NO-WAY (“I’m not frightened of spiders”). English = not, don't, doesn't, didn't.