Keywords: obstacle, barrier, busy, engaged (busy), dead end, cul de sac, time limit

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Sign Definition

General Definition

1. Something going up close to or hitting a large flat object, such as a wall or obstacle, or any action or any object that can be directly or indirectly associated with this in context.

As a Noun

1. A physical object that a person or vehicle is unable to go over, go around or pass through; or a non-physical thing (such as a law, rule or policy) that stops someone doing something. English = barrier, obstacle.
2. Something that prevents two people or groups of people from agreeing, communicating, or working with each other. English = barrier, obstacle.
3. A street in which there is no way out at one end. English = dead end, cul de sac.
4. The largest distance you can travel in any one direction before reaching a barrier or needing to change direction. Used particularly when giving directions.
5. The maximum length or extent of something; the maximum length of time available for something to happen in. English = time limit.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. Of a direction or path of travel, to be able to go no further without changing direction. Used particularly in giving directions.
2. Of a way, method or process, to stop before being completed or successful because of some obstacle or impediment.
3. To do something for as long a time as is available or until some dead line is reached.
4. Of phones or other communication devices, to be already in use, so you cannot communicate with the person you are trying to contact. English = (be) busy, (be) engaged. Idiomatic English = unable to get through.