Keywords: again, pardon, repeat, repetition, revision, review, revise, repetitive, frequently, over and over

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Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. A performance of an act multiple times. English = repetition.
2. The act of reading or studying something again in order to remember it better or learn it more thoroughly. English = revision, review.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To do an action again. English = repeat.
2. To read or do things again in order to learn them thoroughly. English = revise, review.
3. Of an event or situation, to happen many times, especially in the same way so as to be boring and uninteresting. English = (be) repetitive.


1. [Simple form, not the variants}, used to ask someone to repeat something that they have just told you, especially if you did not see it or hear it clearly. English = 'Pardon?', 'Can you repeat that?'

As Modifier

1. Used to describe doing something or something happening one more time or on another occasion. English = again.
2. Used immediately next to a verb to mean the action happens many times and most of the time. English = frequently.
3. Used immediately next to a verb to mean the action happens several times, usually without much or any change. English = again and again, repetitively, over and over.


1. The variants all involve sideways movement and/or multiple iterations. They are strongly associated with ‘repeated action over time’.