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Sign Definition

General Definition

1. An area or object that has a flat perpendicular surface or any thing or any action that can be associated directly or indirectly with this in an appropriate context. Your hands represent the surface itself, or you move your hand (or hands) as if you were moving your hand over the surface. Signers use this to show the location, orientation or extent of flat surfaces such as a wall, fence, barrier or partition. With minimal or no context, signers will assume you mean a wall.

As a Noun

1. One of the vertical sides of a building or room; a long narrow vertical structure made of stone or brick that surrounds or divides an area of land. English = wall.
2. A barrier made of wood or wire supported by posts. English = fence.
3. A fence or wall that prevents people or things form moving from one area to another; a wall or screen that separates one part of a room or vehicle from another. English = barrier; partition.
4. A flat, rectangular piece of wood or other material that forms part of a larger object such as a door. English = panel.
5. A long vertical flat rectangular piece of wood or other material on which things are often attached or written. English = board.
6. A dark-coloured board in a classroom, which teachers write on with chalk. English = blackboard.
7. A barrier made of wood or wire supported by posts. English = fence.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To erect any kind of vertical flat surface in front of, beside, or around something.
2. [With a large movement in the vertical plane] of a vertical surface, to go up or down a long way from bottom to top and in a very straight line. English = (be) high, (be) steep.