Keywords: prayer, grace, service, mass (church service), plea, entreaty, pray, plead, entreat, hope, wish, worship

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The activity of communicating to God, or a set of words which is used during a religious service; thanks to God made before a meal. English = prayer; grace.
2. A religious ceremony in a church; a ceremony in some Christian churches during which people eat bread and drink wine in order to remember the last meal of Jesus Christ. English = service, church service; mass.
3. An intense and emotional request for something, often made repeatedly. English = plea, entreaty.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To speak to God in order to give thanks or to ask for his help. English = pray.
2. In Christian belief, to show your respect for God, for example by saying prayers or taking part in church ceremonies. English = worship.
3. To ask for something in an intense and emotional way, often repeatedly. English = plead, entreat.
4. To have a strong desire that something will happen and have a belief that it might happen. English = hope, wish.


1. Used alone in response to a question about the likelihood of something happening to mean that you hope and expect that it will. English = 'Hopefully!'