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Sign Definition

Definition in Auslan

As a Noun

1. In grammar, a sign or word that comes before a noun or a pronoun, often expressing a relation of something else to that thing, e.g., ACTOR ON STAGE (The actor on the stage), CAT UNDER TABLE (The cat is under the table), BALL IN BOX (The ball is in the box). English = preposition.


1. Remember that the Auslan signs that can function like prepositions (e.g., ON, UNDER, IN, etc.) are often not used when they would be in a similar English sentence because it is also possible to show what you mean in Auslan. For example, instead of signing BALL ON TABLE you can also sign TABLE first, then make the sign BALL just above it. People will then understand that you mean ‘the ball is on the table’ or ‘the ball is on the top of the table’.