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As a Noun

1. In grammar, a word that is used to replace a noun or the name for someone that has already been mentioned. For example, in “Mary is having a birthday party on Friday. She will be 21.” the word ‘she’ is a pronoun; in “The birthday party will be on Friday. It will be a surprise.”, the word ‘it’ is a pronoun. In Auslan, you usually use pointing signs instead. English = pronoun


1. The signer in the video is giving a definition in Auslan for the English term PRONOUN. There appears to be no commonly used Auslan sign for PRONOUN (but some signers represent this visually using depicting signs, once they have established the topic). If you know a sign for PRONOUN used by you or other Auslan users (deaf people or interpreters) please go to "Report missing sign" and supply details. Thank you.