Keywords: self, yourself

Sign Definition

As a Pointing Sign

1. Before a verb it means the person or thing being talked about does the action alone. After a verb it means that the person or thing being talked about is alone responsible for the action (it is done without any help), or it means the action was done by the person or thing being talked about to the person or thing being talked about, not by anyone or anything else. English = yourself

As Modifier

1. The sign combines with verb and adjective signs, usually before them, and is used to describe something such as a device that does an action automatically by itself. English = self-

Augmented Meaning

1. Like the pointing signs for I, ME, YOU, HE, SHE, IT, WE, THEY, etc., this sign can point in any direction. Also, like the possessive pointing sign MY/MINE, YOU/YOURS, etc., the sign 'points' with the palm. It points in the direction of the thing or person it is referring to so when it is modified in this way it can mean other things and people too, like: MYSELF, ITSELF, HIMSELF, HERSELF, OURSELVES, THEMSELVES.
2. There are two other variations of this sign. The first can also be made starting with a handshape like the one-handed alphabet letter D. The second starts with a clear pointing sign. Search for "yourself" to see the others.
3. This sign is often made using two hands. You hold an upright Point handshape on your left or subordinate hand. This acts as a point of reference for the right or dominant hand. There is usually final contact of your dominant hand on the subordinate hand.