Keywords: caption, captioning, sub-titles, sub-titled, captioned

Sign Definition

As a Noun

1. The words printed underneath a picture or a cartoon which explain what it is about. English = caption.
2. The words printed at the bottom of the screen that enable deaf and hearing-impaired people to read what people are saying on television or video. English = captions, captioning.
3. The printed translations that you can read at the bottom of the screen when you are watching a foreign film. English = sub-titles.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. To add sub-titles or captions to a film, video, or television program. English = caption.
2. Of a film, video or television program, to have printed words at the bottom of the screen as a translation or as an aid to the deaf and hearing-impaired. English = (be) sub-titled, (be) captioned.