Keywords: they, them, those, there (plural)

Found 2 variants for this sign (click on video to enlarge):

Sign Definition

As a Pointing Sign

1. Used to refer to several locations that are not near either the signer or the person addressed, i.e., ‘those places there’.
2. Used to refer to people or things separate and different from the signer and the person they are addressing. If the thing or other person is real and located in the situation, then you point to where they are located, otherwise you point to where you imagine they are located. When the pointing sign is made immediately before or after a verb sign, you usually mean that the thing or the other person does the action of the verb, or is affected by the action of the verb. English = they, them.
3. When the pointing sign is made immediately before or after a noun sign and is made with stress (longer movement, more directed) the signer usually means particular or special things or persons which have already been talked about in the conversation or which contrasts with something else which as already been mentioned. English = those.
4. Used to refer to times that are not in the present, i.e., ‘in those times’.

Augmented Meaning

1. By extending your arm further away from yourself and/or directing the point higher you mean the locations or the referents are further away (or even in some imaginary place) or the time is in the distant past or future.
2. This sign can also be made with the upturned Flat handshape (i.e., palm facing upwards) with fingertips pointing away. This form is very polite and formal, and often found in public speaking.