Keywords: deterioration, reduction, low, decrease, reduce, turn down, deteriorate, push down

Sign Definition

General Definition

1. A flat surface, a quantity of something, or the top of something which is and/or becomes lower, shorter or smaller, or any thing or any object that can be associated with this in context.

As a Noun

1. The height of something which is low or small.
2. The state of getting worse and worse in condition (especially in illness), or to become more difficult or unpleasant. English = deterioration.

As a Verb or Adjective

1. Of a surface, to measure a small distance from the ground to it, or to be near the ground relative to something else; of a quantity, to be a small amount of something, to be almost empty. English = (be) low.
2. To make smaller the quantity or size of something. English = decrease, reduce.
3. To make volume of noise being produced by something less. English = turn down.
4. Of a person's mental capacities and skills, to become worse. English = deteriorate, decline. Idiomatic English = go downhill.
5. To make something go downwards so that it is lower than it was. English = push down.


1. Used alone to urge people to sit down. English = 'Sit down!'
2. Used alone to tell an audience, class or crowd to quieten down. English = 'That's enough!', 'Quiet please!', 'Calm please!' and so on.